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‘Perfect’ Body in 90 Days: Adonis Index Challenge

AKA I want to look like this guy:


He’s well proportioned in every aspect (except one)

That’s right, Michelangelo’s David. I want to look just like him, right down to the stony gaze. There’s a reason he’s been gawked over for centuries. Michelangelo dedicated his life to capturing the perfect male form and this statue is the pinacle of that pursuit. You see, David has the perfect proportions – the proportions of the gods. His shoulder circumference, divided by his waist circumference is equal to Phi – the golden ratio that’s found time and time again throughout nature and in shapes that we find pleasing to the eye:

These are the proportions that The Adonis Index exercise program seeks to achieve.

I’ve been working out, trying to build muscle in a half-ass, ad-hoc fashion for the last 3 years. I would consider myself naturally ectomorphic. I’m 5’10″ (177cm) and I had a starting weight of 127lbs (58kg). Grandmothers literally pinch me on the cheeks and vow to fatten me up. Since then I’ve made some progress. By that I mean Grandmothers no longer feel they need to spend their pension check to nourish me. I now weigh 141lbs (64kg), but I’m still considered a skinny guy. Building muscle is hard, but I know that I haven’t been giving it my all either. I’ve been pretty slack. But that’s about to change. In just over 90 days I have a date with the tail end of an Australian summer and I want to feel like I’ve got something to show off on those golden beaches!

In the past I’ve tried a couple of popular muscle-building programs. Some I would recommend, others not so much. But The Adonis Index program was recommended to me by my friend Matt after I said with a only a hint of jealousy, “Wow, what the hell have you been doing to look like that?”.


Matt before the Adonis Index: Matt had already been doing the hard yards at the gym for a while, so as you can see he’s already in pretty good shape.


Matt After: Wow! What a transformation. This took Matt just 12 weeks on the Adonis Index Program.

The Adonis Index

The Adonis Index uses the ratio between your waist and shoulder width to track your progress. The creators of the program claim that the closer this ratio is to 1:1.618 or Phi or the “Golden Ratio”, the more attractive your body will be to the opposite sex. I’ve seen the way girls react to David, so I think they could be on to something.

The sales pitch is a bit gimmicky in my opinion. It makes out that if you follow the program you’ll have women drooling over your body due to the magical allure of perfect proportions. I found this a little off-putting because, for one, I’m not interested in the attention of the females (if you know what I mean). But regardless of your sexuality most of us want a body that other people will admire, and you can be proud of, right? It makes us feel more confident, and has been proven to lead to more success in life. Plus, I’ve studied architecture, so I can appreciate the value of good proportions. So many examples in nature, architecture and art follow the principles of the Golden Ratio, that it can’t be an accident: for some reason we find the Golden Ration pleasing to the eye. Plus I have my friend, Matt, as real-life proof of how effective achieving the Adonis Index ratio can be to your physique. So I am happy to overlook the patronizing sales pitch and take a closer look at the system:

Looking closer at the system it is clear that the emphasis is on increasing shoulder width. If you’re going to get the perfect proportions, you’ll need to reduce the size of your waist and increase the size of your shoulders, chest and back – for that classic V-Taper. The Adonis Index program also calculates your ideal waist circumference based on your height, so unfortunately you can’t balance out your beer gut with Schwarzenegger-style shoulders to achieve the look. Each of the exercise routines has an element of shoulders, chest and/or back. But the rest of your body isn’t ignored; Each week you essentially get two full-body workouts, with the option to take a 4-week specialization in one of legs, arms, back, shoulders or chest if you feel some of these areas need extra attention.

Now obviously my friend Matt has put in a shit-load of effort at the gym – this system doesn’t claim to be a quick or easy fix. It’s good motivation to know first-hand that it can work and help you to carve that impressive V-taper. And I think one of the strengths of the system is a clear and definable goal to work towards. Lucky for me, my waist is nearly the perfect circumference already, so I’ll just have to concentrate on increasing my shoulders. It’d also be good if I could reduce my body fat percentage a little to reveal my abs! Unfortunately I spent nearly two years trying to increase my bodyweight without caring how I did it, which led to me putting fat on around my waist which I’m only just getting down now. I will also follow the Anything Goes Diet and the Eat Stop Eat program which has been developed by the creators of The Adonis Index.

The Challenge:

So for the next 90 days I’m going to commit my all to this program and I’ll record the results for you guys every week. If you’d like to join me, then grab your copy of The Adonis Index. If you decide you’d like to try it for yourself, please keep me updated by letting me know how you’re progressing in the comments section. I’d love to have your progress to motivate me too!

My current stats:

Weight: 140.2lbs (63.6kg)
Fat mass (based on Withings WiFi Scale which is great, but the Fat Mass is not super accurate): 11.6%
Height (I’m not expecting this to change): 5’10″ (177cm)
Waist Circumference: 31.1″ (79cm)
Shoulder Circumference: 45.2″ (115cm)
Adonis Score: 1.4556

My Progress:

So with just over 90 days until I jump on a plane bound for home (Melbourne, Australia), I’ve got a lot of work to do. I plan to keep you updated with my progress every week to keep me accountable and to let you know how the system is working out for me. I’ll also talk about what I think works well and what could be improved; my biggest wins and (hopefully my few and far between) failures.

Check back soon for helpful tips to improve your body! I’ll be updating my progress every week for 12 weeks and commenting on the program every step of the way so you can decide for yourself if it’s right for you.

Your weight-lifting, crash-test dummy, Brodie

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