We all started at Zero.

This is something that I’ve been pondering for a while. We all started from Zero. A continuous orbit of comfortability. Not a single idea in our heads or a pursuit to claim, nothing in motion with all the potential energy. And then it comes, a thought that turns into inspiration, the proverbial light bulb.  For me bursts of inspiration happen all the time. I almost intentionally shape my life and interactions to guarantee that warm feeling of inspiration and passion. I would have such an infatuation with it that I would go looking for it, to get a fix of enthusiasm. It would hit me and I would let it fall away as I was always met by the demands of the world. I always put it on hold. I put the inspiration in a pocket that I told myself I could reach into later, but I would forget. We’ve all had that moment where we find a forgotten five dollar bill in a pants pocket after its been through the wash. That was me every time. Granted, I do have a lot of commitments in life, but this time is different. I felt the need to expand in my ways of expression. Mental notes are great, but motion is better. I believe that we all have an innate sense to want to make or create. Denying creativity feels like losing my soul in a way. And so I decided that have more to give. I decided to project more than absorb. I have more energy to share. And so I am taking the inspiration out of my pocket and leaving it on the table.

Creating is what connects us.

Living authentically is my greatest practice and creating is a large part of that. I told myself that I would do more of what l love, so I’m exercising that more. Design is my true connector to different people and different worlds. Perhaps, this can be my connection to you.

What’s in Name?

Architecting  is exactly what you think it is, being a master builder of one’s life. The real emphasis is on the art, practice, process, and production. It is also a play on designing, but why stop at designing when you could be architecting! Interwoven into everything that I do, I found this to be appropriate.

What to look forward to?

I am an amalgam of things and my interests are just as diverse. I am largely passionate about the topics of Architecture, Adventure, Design, and Culture. Although these are certainly not groundbreaking topics, hopefully I can add a bit of sauce to them, push the boundaries of exploration from a POC perspective, and hold some space. I feel as though it is almost a duty to insert my voice in places it has never been. A large part of these areas of interest lack dialogue and narrative in the media space from people of color. And let me tell you, we are WELL equipped to contribute to the conversation.

My hope is that you will find some good visuals and some great reads from me and in turn you will continue a conversation that you find enticing. So let’s get it started!

This is Architecting Life. I hope you enjoy.

Posted by:juliaweatherspoon

Black Unicorn Designer, Professional Hype Woman, Extroverted Loner and Life Enthusiast

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